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What it Means to be a Safe and Smart Rider?


Bike racing is one thing that could give you the kind of adrenaline rush you’d rarely experience. For most of you with an awesome bike, sticking to regular riding could be a tough thing to do. With all the power and the noise that your ride releases, the only thing you’d think of is springing into wild action through the streets. However, it is also important not to get carried away with all the wild excitement. In other words, you shouldn’t let the excitement make you forget about being a good rider – a smart and safe rider. A good rider knows what it really takes to become one. You’d start with taking safety aspects seriously, not just of yourself, but of others and the environment, too.

Riding with the Right Gear 

As far as your own safety, or the safety of the rider is concerned, it often begins with riding gear. Types of gear may include head gear, body suits, jackets, boots and gloves, which are all essential for full protection. You may sometimes consider leaving out gloves and boots during regular riding, but the rest are considered essential in whether you want to ride or race.

Types of Gear

If you take helmets for instance, they can be found in various types and sizes to suit your specific requirement. A racing helmet is used for hard-core racing, and would be rather odd to use for normal, everyday riding. Not that it isn’t allowed, but using a separate, regular helmet is recommended because they are designed to be more appropriate and serve the purpose. Both types cater to the same need, which is protection. However, a racer’s helmet, as you may have seen, is slightly complex, even bulky, in terms of design as they are specially made to endure wear and tear, and shock from accidents.

Riding jackets are always waterproof and weatherproof. If you want them to be super durable and comfortable at the same time, you may want to opt for good quality leather motorcycle jackets. They often come in different designs and styles. Leather jackets are highly preferred by riders not just because they serve the purpose effectively, but also because they give you a little bit of style! Isn’t that another essential criterion for a ‘smart’ bike rider?


Your personal traits along with loads of knowledge also counts in qualifying you as a smart rider. Developing a sense of responsibility and taking great care of your ride as well as when you are on the streets riding and racing is almost a basic need for every rider who owns a bike. Additionally, you need to acquire some insight and awareness about bikes, maintenance, safety, road rules and regulations, and basically everything that can possibly be linked with riding.

 Subject knowledge is important, and you are likely to have plenty of it if you have a strong, growing passion. However, learning about it can be an endless process, and so, it is vital that you keep updating yourself on all aspects of riding in order to become smart, and eventually, an expert rider.

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