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5 severe business promotion mistakes to avoid


Marketing is the magic that multiplies profits when done right. But just as much as any great thing in the world, the negative side of it is as influential as its positive side. It is quite hard to attain that 100% positive side of marketing in realistic terms. However, there are mistakes that companies do over and over again, not realizing that they are sabotaging the good name of the company. Hence, it is very important to know what to avoid entirely when it comes to marketing/ advertising as a business.

Here are 5 such.

  1. Offending religions via advertising

There are two things that are considered as roots of serious quarrels; politics and religion. That’s simply because they are the closest things to most. Out of the two, religion takes more significance. This is why you should not, and that means never ever, advertise or market any of your products using or by shaming any of the leaders in the world. It’s a dead end, period.

  1. Intentional/ Unintentional body shaming

If you are running a gym, a fitness supplement enterprise or even a fitness equipment center, there are many positive way to promote your business. Nonetheless, you should know that the modern world despises those who body shame. It doesn’t matter what’s right or wrong but if you mistakenly body shamed via advertising, you will be dropping a nuke to your headquarters.

  1. Disregarding SEO strategies

The search engine optimization is a trick that goes parallelly with search engines. When a person searches for a certain word in the internet, the top results that they get should be of a link or an article that is uploaded by your company. You tell them on how to choose a product that related to the word they searched for. In the end, your company can be confronted as a great option. 9 out of 10 times this works like a magic. That’s why you should put your business in that successful 9 times.

  1. Targeting the wrong audiences

Trying to sell high-end calculators to pianists is not going to work. In addition, kids’ food aren’t the best types of advertisements that’s supposed to run in the middle of rugby matches. It’s common sense that you shouldn’t deny. Reaching out to the adequate audience is necessary.

  1. Being horribly old-school

This doesn’t mean that you should stop your vintage car business. It means that the less you adapt to the new world, the lesser would be the profits. It could be negative marketing too given the current beliefs are quite from the ones from a decade or two a ago.


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